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Simplifying supply chain processes with Naresh Jain

Still, on the supply chain podcast series, we got the opportunity to bring on the show a start-up founder to give us the PART TWO of how we can simplify supply chain processes using blockchain technology. In this episode with the co-founder of Snapper...

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Simplifying supply chain processes using technology with Brinton Baker

Yes!! We made it, to release another episode of the supply chain podcast series. In our previous episode, we were able to identify the cracks in the supply chain system, and now we have taken a step forward to understanding how we can simplify...

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Identifying the cracks in the supply chain system with Sarah Barnes Humphrey

Hey, beautiful people! Welcome to our series on supply chain. In this first episode of the supply chain, we are identifying the cracks in the supply chain system and how we can move past them. We had the opportunity to bring on the show,...

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How Satellite Imagery is helping transform the agricultural sector

Guys! This episode takes a deep dive into technology and how it’s benefitting the agricultural sector. One of the technologies breaking grounds in this sector is the satellite imagery/remote sensing which helps players in the agricultural sector to detect pests, prevent diseases and keep...

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This podcast episode was made with love from my heart to let agribusiness owners know that they need to invest in branding, and marketing to ensure the growth of their businesses. In this podcast episode, I gave the difference between branding, brand identity, &...

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Increasing Food Security Even in Conflict with Ilyasu Ishak

How can one increase food security in the midst of chaos? The bandit threats in Nigeria continue and at a very high rate which is causing the deaths, and kidnappings of many citizens of Nigeria. Considering the happenings in the Northern part of Nigeria,...

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